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Value date question

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What is the general consensus on value dates? What I mean is- I saw a post a while back which said if you have recent release regulars, they are worth about what you paid. Can you tell me about how far back you would have to go before the value increased? I have quite a few sealed regular-issue about twenty years old.
Ps--ehastings you have mail :)
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I have a lot of stuff that is between 10 and 25 years old.... some is worht a couple bucks, some is worth a bit more.... right now it seems like you have the Redline collectors and the new collectors, so the 1978 to 1995 or so stuff is just not very desireable... except maybe the Real Riders have picked up recently.

Just what I seem to be seeing
Thanks for the reply.

I kind of thought that myself. I've only opened the ones I really liked--including the VW Drag bus, some 25th Ann. cars and a few others. I read the post on the K-Mart day, but didn't attend because new stock is scarce around here and the D-C crowd are on full-alert 24-7. I went the following day and everything was picked through, but I did find the new Jaded release. I like that one.

ehastings--I PM'ed you. Check that and if you didn't get it, re-post and I'll give you my reg. e-mail addy. I have several spam eliminator programs so sometimes it's easier to go through the board. Please let me know. :)
I think I remember you from the JL board a few years back.
Hello Boss,yea the 10-20 year old car's are not going for much unless you got a casting someone is looking for.I love the rig wrecker's so i might give you a couple of buck's for those ,but most stuff that old is around $1.00 if you can sell them at all.
i did recieve an email but not sure if it is you.???
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