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Poured a cup of coffee, sat down and turned on the 'puter ... while listening the peaceful patter of the remnants of Ivan the Terrible outside ..... went to "favorites" and clicked on Hobby Talk ...... and ...... hey, where am I??? this doesn't look like HT is supposed to look??? Hmmm, the topics are still there, but there's this fuzzy look to it ..... and where are the lines dividing the topics?? (wipes his sleepy eyes to make sure he's really awake) Did I just forget to put on my glasses??? Nope.... hmm, have to get used to this! What a surprise!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Fest!

Wait a second, I just went back to the main page again, and all was normal!!! Either I had too much "fun" last night, or this 'puter is playing tricks on me!!! Wow, that was weird.... looked nice though! Lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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