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Using an airbrush to paint translucent clothing...

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... yep, as the header says, I'd like to use my airbrush to paint translucent clothing on a figure I'm building. Anyone have any tips as to the best technique to achieve the desired result? I tried the search function on the forum and didn't come up with any answers...
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Here's a better tip: Use a lighter colour than what you're using for the skin tone. Meaning, if you're going to paint pantyhose then you want to use a lighter colour brown, white, black, or pink, etc. What this means is that if you're painting a nightie one colour, then paint the stockings the same, but a little lighter to represent transluscentcy. The more ruffled, or folded material you'll want to paint slightly darker. The stockings will be easy, just doing a shirt, or blouse with see-through qualities is a little harder, but not impossible. You'll want to add your colour to a clear coat to thin it down. It won't cover all the way, and this is the effect you're going for. Mask then spray over your ruffled edges where it looks thicker, but not too much - it can make it look darker than what you're looking for if you're not careful. Try on scrap first to get the technique first. I know this is more time, and clean up than you want, but it's easier than ruining your paint job, then having to start over.
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