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Started work on the uprated Stun Gun kit. It is a simple kit, resin parts that will need a moderate amount of filler. It is not a real hard resin so it is easy to work with, needed a little sanding and filing to get a good fit on the main body parts. I have had this a little over a year and somewhere along the way the trigger went missing so I will have to scratchbuild that part.
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The main body done, minus the trigger part, I am adding the clear parts to this last so I have to file and shape them so that they can be slid into place after all assembly and painting.
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Clear parts test fit into the three slots and a comparison to the original Stun Gun.
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A photo of the prototype, there are a couple of small differences visible between the prototype and finished kit, the leds on the sides and the round pushbutton trigger. The uprated version is supposed to be white with black, chrome and steel accents, I think I will stick to the classic silver, chrome and black for my version.
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