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TYCO wide chassis

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blue Vette
Balck Vette white red yellow With fire ghost eyes?
Mopar 2 door police (no glass)
Red Firebird

Did these come from a set?
Are they rare or have any value?

thanks for looking
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The blue vette is not a set car or rare. The red Firebird is also not rare. The Military Police car only came in the A-Team U-Turn set. The black corvette is Tomy/AFX and I have no knowledge on that.

If Joe backs out I may be interested in the Military Police even though the windshield and back glass are missing. It'd be a cash deal though I have no trade. :thumbsup:
I'm wrong on the Police car that is the US-1 trucking Police car and was not a set car. It is fairly rare.:thumbsup:
Not sure then. The black Corvette has me puzzled then. Never seen a lighted Corvette of that body style in Tyco or Mattel.
It's a blue Corvette Joe. True a purple is a set only car. Thanks for the insight on that being an Artin. My color blindness comes in the green and yellow scale.:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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