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TYCO wide chassis

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blue Vette
Balck Vette white red yellow With fire ghost eyes?
Mopar 2 door police (no glass)
Red Firebird

Did these come from a set?
Are they rare or have any value?

thanks for looking
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That police car is worthless.
In fact it is dragging down the value of your other slot cars
just by its close proximity to them.
If you send it to me, I will make sure it never bothers you again! :D

Nice looking bunch!:thumbsup:
hmm, maybe, you have an old red #16 AFX, it maybe a datsun.
I just might have that body. I will look and post later this eve. :thumbsup:
I am sorry if I got your hopes up, CW.
I do not have the body you are looking for.
What I do* have is a pretty red and white #13 Capri.
If you are interested in trading for that, I would be happy to post a pic tomorrow.
It is* almost the same, isn't it?:p
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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