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Those look great Ward - Trofeu have made a good few competition cars over the years, although they tend to concentrate on rally cars. Having said that, they have released several Porsche 936s in various guises.

As for the real cars, chassis #1, was actually based on the tub of a 1991 Jaguar XJR-14 (also TWR run) - the most obvious difference is that the roof was removed & instead of a Cosworth V8, a Porsche Flat-6 turbo was installed.

As you say, only chassis #1 was entered at Le Mans in 1997, taking a second consecutive win (also done by Ford GT40 "1075" in 1968/69 & Porsche 956 "117" in 1984/85).

Both chassis #1 & #2 were subsequently modified & rebuilt - they were also effectively taken over by Porsche themselves & redesignated as Porsche LMP1-98s. In this guise both cars competed at LM in 1998 - sadly both DNF.

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