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Two Finished Ones

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Dave's right...just have fun and build the kids. That's what I been doing...my local Hobby Shop (Niagara Hobby) got some PL kits I thought were surely discontinued and gone for good. But I've been lucky and got the Witch and Munster's Livingroom. Both fun kits to build.


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VERY GOOD! Love the paint jobs -- look to be just right. Do you have any closer up of the Munsters?
Very well done Ken! Nice paint job on both kits. :thumbsup:
Great Work!!! Love To See These Classic Kits!!!
Awesome Ken, great builds! Thank God for your Hobby shop or we would not have seen your builds of these great "figure/genre" kits!!! Happy days!

Great job Ken on both of these! And they look GREAT!!!

I love all the extras with each of these kits that make building them more of a diorama than some of the earlier Aurora kits!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing your pics!

Ah, It's good to see Monster kits.

Nice work on both of them.
ahhh , two of my all time favorites . nice job Ken !!
Good Job Ken.

There's several thread's right now with builders sharing there finished work.
I'm Lovin' it!!
Ken, Great job on both of those kits.
Thanks for sharing!

Cool!! :)
Very Nice

Looks Great Ken :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing !!

Ken, I'm sorry I didn't see this thread before! Super work! You've inspired me to go back to my Munster's Living Room kit to get 'er finished over the Labor Day holiday.


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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