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Saturday Nov 21st 2009
Turn 4 R/C Speedway
Stafford Springs, Ct

Open at 12noon
Shoot out Quilifiers Start at 5pm

SuperStock/COT 13.5 1cell
ProStock 10.5 1cell
Tour Mod 7.5 1cell

$20.00 Entry/Unlimited Classes
Shoot out will be 3 Quils and the Mains.

After Shoot out Quilifing we'll run one round of quilifiing for the 500 lap enduro. Top 8 teams will run the 500 laps. $10.00 extra fee per team for the 500 lap race. Full rules will be posted soon for the Enduro.

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Pan Car Shoot-out didn't happen. No one showed to run it. Just some local new guys on the track practicing.
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