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Tuffy was a brand marketed by the York Toy Company of Pennsylvania for distribution at the McCrory-McClellan-Green Stores of York, Pennsylvania. They used the 8 street car castings from the Mego line of "Jet Wheels" for their offerings. The Tuffy cars had silver hubbed wheels.The base plate information did not carry a brand name, only 'Made in Hong Kong'. This line up included the very hard to find (ney, rare) Bonneville (Catalina) model.

Along the way (?), "Super Speedys' was added to the line up name and the wheel sets used changed over to a 'sticker' type mag wheel. The equally rare Torino was also added to the line up as the last AMT>Mego>Tuffy line up of castings.

The F1 cars, did not appear as Super Speedys then either(?)

Another Tuffy Series used 4 of the light up trucks from the Marx "Bulldog" series. The headlamps were battery powered. They were the fire engine, dump truck, sanitation truck and delivery truck. These were all plastic models instead of metal, as were made by Marx. The delivery truck had a 'MMG Dept Stores' sticker on the side. The base plate information also did not carry a brand name, only 'Made in Hong Kong'. The packaging also did not reference the 'York Toy Company' either, only that the line was made exclusively for McCrory-McClellan-Green.

Chevrolet Camaro
1968 Charger
Ford Mustang
68 Cougar
1969 Bonneville (Catalina)

fire engine
dump truck
sanitation truck
delivery truck 'MMG Dept Stores'

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Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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