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The boxed item may also be of value. Is it sealed? If open is it complete?
Everything is sealed. Poorly stored, literally thrown in the tub and looks like it was stored in a garden shed. I'll go though it this weekend hopefully. Theres enough there to keep me happy, the rest maybe ebay loose sets, Grandkids will probably gobble up the star wars and FF 馃槉

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Depending on how much work you want to put in, there are several pieces that can get you a good return.
Depending on the color of the Classics Camaro, if it is red, there are a few varies that are pretty good. There is a painted motor, another one that has a chrome grill and unpainted motor black grill.
The Datsun MOMO is a good one that can have good return.
The Charger R/R iD
The Buick Riviera has a few varies that could get something for you. There is a black painted hood and one that isn't.
And the Final Run Mercedes.
Depending on the card condition, the castings that have Real Riders may get you something.
Like I said, it depends what you want to do and the effort.
Good info ,Thanx! I'll do a little research on some. I've been thinking of getting into some wheel swaps, some of the Real Riders look like good victims 馃槉 Never a problem getting rid of want l dont want, kids, charity, freinds etc 馃槉

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Is the grey Z 28 (?) a custom and/or another brand of diecast.
I mistakenly took them to storage so l cant double check right now.
Most of your carded premiums are good for wheel donors - for you or to customizers.

The stage frights nearly double your investment by themselves. And the green Datsun adds to it as well.

Check out the Matchboxes too. Looks like the '57 Chevy is the opening front tilting version and the brown jag maybe a high value one as well, IIRC.
Yes, the 57 chev has opening hood. I kept the Jag cause it reminded me of mine from childhood. Before 1968, Matchbox was the thing......50 cents each 馃お

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When you get them back and have some time

in the first picture group
What brand is the red porsche 959
The pinker 959 and the shark byte are color changers.
The yellow boss 302 IIRC maybe an exclusive.
You dont see that blue van that often!
What is the blue casting behind it.

Pic #2
The Getty Tanker is probably worth looking up
Along with the fire fighting equipment in this photo and those in photo 3
You already pulled the Large Charge/SilverBullet/Aeroflash and the Ferrari
The greenlight pace car might be worth looking into

Pic #3
Add the construction pieces to the list of check their values out
Already pulled the boss 302, lm not seeing a blue van?

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Thats a great lot you got there! Fun going thru a pile of cars like that looking to see if there's a treasure in there somewhere. Also I don't really like to collect "mint" condition when it's a vintage piece because people always suspect that it's been restored or "customed" and that it's not original. A few scuffs and chips is like a certificate of authenticity.
Yes that is it.
Interesting find on ebay. Is the Spoiler Sport technically a Hot Wheel? Originally carded as a "Speed Machine"
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Yes it is still considered a Hot Wheels. Though technically it was suppose to be a cheaper line of cars made to compete with other brands from the day with plastic bases, one color paint and no added chrome. But most did have added tampoprinting. There were only 20 or so castings issued.
Interesting, Thank you for the history lesson. I've never seen these or maybe just never paid attention. The blue one looks to be considerably harder to find on ebay. I think there are a couple more similar in this collection. I've been away from Hot Wheels for 13 or so years. Re-learning & learning more, having a blast, especially with finds like this. Thanks for everyone's help!, particularly Milton's 馃槉

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I know I keep asking for more photos but would love to see if your base plate is different the castings before and after this blue one. It is the only one that was made in Malaysia that we know of but not sure what other information is included or left off on them! It should also have one large window without the black opaque window insert showing. Do you see anything inside as an interior?

And can someone who has another of these castings or the Incredible Hulk or Street Scrocher version post up their base plates, please?
Yes it has 2 seats & dashboard heres a few pics
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