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You can download a checklist at my website www.hollywood-diecast.com for $5. The cars aren't listed by manufacturer, but you should be able to find every TV and movie car ever produced by Hot Wheels or Mattel (including Charawheels.) Some of the titles include:
Airwolf (Charawheels), Batman, Baywatch, Captain Scarlett (Charawheels), Emergency!, The Flintstones, Home Improvement, Knight Rider (Charawheels), The Simpsons, Speed Racer (Charawheels), Superman, American Graffiti, Back to the Future (Charawheels), Batman Begins, Pixar's Cars (Mattel), Demolition Man, Gone in 60 Seconds, Harry Potter, Heart Like a Wheel, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider, Rugrats and Toy Story.

Just be sure to give me some credit. :D

- JJ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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