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TRU score

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They finally hit my TRU today! Besides a couple of Mopar regulars, I picked up this beauty!
I could be persuaded to trade this for the gold GTX from this release ;)
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If I had the GTX the trade would be made. Very nice car.
Nice golden white you got there, Rick! Guess the WL gods are looking out for both of us! :)
BTW, the purple GTX is HOT!!!......of course, the gold one would look pretty nice, too! :thumbsup:
Congrats on the WL find! :thumbsup:
Is That A White?
yes, the wl traits from this series are a gold car with white interior. ;)
Thanks for the pics,...man, people are finding some awesome castings these days!!
Wow !! Wish I had the GTX to trade ... No Fairlanes have shown up on ebay yet either ....
NICE! I was in PA and found NADA!! Cool car though!!
..nice find.. :thumbsup:
..I like this new WL trait of gold metallic w/white interior
I Found A White 67' Fairlane White With White Bottom.is It A White Lightning?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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