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I had a "work from home" day today. My jobsite(I am a superintendent) has reached a stopping point while we wait for systems furniture(cubicles) to arrive. It is required by code that cubicles be in place for final inspections from the county so we are essentially on hold. I had some paperwork to do and a few emails to deal with so I decided to stay home and sleep in til 8am as opposed to my normal 4:30am, knock out the paperwork, and head up to TRU at opening time, then come back and deal with the email stuff. To top it off Thursday is "truck day" at TRUs locally AND it saved me $20 in gas not having to drive to and from work.
So I warmed the door at my closest ToysR Us, and of course they did absolutely nothing in terms of diecast. So, since I don't get the opportunity often I headed 20 minutes north to a much higher volume store. Sitting in the aisle I spotted a brand new HW half pallet still sealed. A helpful employee opened it up for me and wouldn't ya know it, no hunts, regular OR super.
So I hauled tail BACK to my local TRU where I tracked down a manager and inquired about the shipper. He brought it out to me still sealed, and again no regulars, but it did contain these 2.

They are on sale BOGO so both of them together cost $1.14 w/tax. I have still never "found" the 67 Stang or Challenger (had to trade for them) but cross this one off the list of 2012s not found by me. Pretty good day!:wave:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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