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Dear Forum-

This is my dilemma:

I've been having fun with an Associated 18R I purchased a few months ago. After upgrading the servo (Hitec Metal Gear) due to the stock servo's defect, I then decided to install one of my older FM receivers and use my old Futaba 3PJ Super.

The problem is this:

This steering works fine, but I can't setup the stock Associated ESC properly. When I finally get the ESC to back out of the setup mode... it's like the ESC is tuned backwards. If I hit the brake on the transmitter... the RC18 goes forward. If I pull the trigger on the transmitter, the ESC shows braking.

I've reset the 3PJ Super to stock settings using the menu, I've double checked all the trims and servo reversing... I'm baffled.

Any ideas?

Jim Kennedy
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