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Trinity Reflex 10 ss

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Any input on the Reflex yet? Any help would be appreciated......
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I hope they still make a car, I just ordered one the other day, have not heard if it is available or not.

Mike, how is fatherhood treating you, and the married life?

Chuck, when and if I get this car I will probally go Barre with it on a friday night to just try to get a base setup, then I can give you some feedback.
from what i heatrd, they have kits to sell but no parts.. my buddy actually cut aLL OF THE KITS OUT FOR TRINITY.. 50 OF THEM.. BUT I WAS TOLD NO EXTRA PARTS WERE CUT.. ITS A GOOD CAR, BUT I HOPE U DONT BREAK...

SORRY for the caps.. i didnt notice it till i was done typing...
I got one coming Chris.... Hopefully parts aren't a nightmare!!

See ya soon!
hey Chuck, did you get your car yet, who did you order yours from? I am still waiting for mine, I was told this week or next.
if the kits are the same as they were when they first czame out, i hope u have a dremel or a file... the rear pod hits the chassis.. u might have to grind away one of the parts
The pods on all of Trinity's cars have interrupted with the chassis. It's like anything else. You gotta clean the cars up as you build them. It sucks that they can't get it right the first time.
My buddy cut all of the cars for trinity.. he said he had to do alot of cleanup on the drawing before he cut them to... whoever did the drawing for trinity did not do a good job.. and i doubt any prototypes were cut.. no other chassis kit out requires cutting of the chassis to get the car together... its a nice car.. but definatley not the best quality..

got it today and started cleanup / assembly. Left side of lower pod plate interferes a little with the chassis. I wonder if any offset left to right plates are available for the front. otherwise definitely adjustable. Good thing our staff here at work is used to me assembling race car parts during the work day....especially on Friday's!!:) Burbs.....does your buddy who cut the car have any scraps??? I see a couple pieces I may trace before I race it!

Chris give me a buzz if you need any more info.

unfortunatlet i dont think he does.. he might have the program yet, but im not sure.. i can ask him about making some parts.. but his grafite is black.. the3 trinity stuff was a one run thing...
I don't care what color it is. I think I need a longer nerf wing. The lower pod plate may be the only weak part. The rest of the bolt on's are .125.... the chassis is .100, I don't plan on breaking a chassis (I HOPE).....
thanks for the info Chuck, I should get mine this week then. If I get mine this week I will probally be at Barre this comming Sunday, I will let you know on here if I do.

I'm going to try it this weekend at the Plattsburgh Hobby Show. I just moved into a new house on the lake, so as long as it rains (it's supposed to) (gotta get the painting done and my racecars moved in before the snow flies) I'll give it a try at the Hobby Show. I'll keep you posted. I love adjustable front ends so much more than the Associated everyone else is stuck with...
but the associted front end doesnt tweak when u hit the wall. he he.. if it was so bad, everyone would run trinity type... i havent seen a trinity front end on a sigle winning a main car at a national type event since the 90's.....

not bashing in any way.. just stating the facts... i like the front end to, but its lmost to confusing with adjustments, and the tweak issue,.. one bad hit and your car is off..
Chuck, how much dremel work was really required, and was it just a little cleaning up or did you really have to grind anything? Did the pod plates line up well and the rear axel spin freely? My last question is what does the car come with for front king pins, I quess I was wondering if they are long enough to run wolfe springs or do you need to change the pins. Thanks and good luck with it this weekend.
I am at work now so I can't measure the kingpins. (cars at home) I put Wolfe springs in with no problem. I think the Trinity cars have always had longer kingpins than the Associated. The lower pod plate could rub in the upper left hand corner(looking from the top) depends on how much travel and at what angle the travels happens. I just filed mine a little until I could do a full circle so to speak without interruption....I always check the pod for squareness. nothing like f'n with a tweaked rear pod binding up your axle.....this one was straight. As for the front ends being hard to adjust....You just have to have something to measure your caster and camber with and a tool to fit the turnbuckles....not hard at all. I use my trusty racetech caster camber surface plate set up.....Come set the caster, camber, camber gain and anti dive up on my racecar sometime from scratch.....that's a pain in the A$$. I like adjustability. The only thing I wish the car had was a mono-ball option for the rear end...then you could set up roll steer instead of a rear steer t-plate that has the rear end tweaked all the way around the track. I need a milling machine bad!
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Thanks for the info Chuck. That does not sound near as bad as some of the horror stories that I have heard about, (like grinding an 1/8" from the bottom plate to keep it from hitting the chasis). Now if mine would only come in. Talk to you later!!
Burbs: one good hit with any car will usually cost you the win anyway. Don't forget Josh won a few Snowbirds with that front end.
I think it's still the most agressive, turning front end made, but you're right, it's not meant to wrestle with...
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i like the front end to todd.. but it wasnt consistent enough for my tastes...
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