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Note: This review was written a number of years ago but it may still be interesting to some.

I picked up the new, blue (of course!), Trinity Brush Factory today. Touted as the total brush station, which, for the most part, it is... at least on first impressions. First impressions - I saw it in the case, a nice, big blue hunk of aluminum with a motor inverted in the center of it. Has a brush slotter (Dremel cutoff wheel) on one side and a brush serrator on the other side. Small, compact, and is heavy enough to stay in place.

I purchased the one in the case, assembled, so I cannot provide any assembly info, but the owner of the LHS indicated that he would let me have the assembled Brush Factory, IF I promised to put the next one together. He has sold 3 thus far.

The package did come with a couple of pages of instructions for use. Somewhat vague in some areas, did not really tell the true "why"... but it is better then average information.

This puppy is heavy.... which is a good thing. A nice stable platform to work from. Give it an A+ for the platform and the four rubber feet (just in case it makes it to the kitchen table!!).

At the track today, after sweeping the remaining moisture (we DON'T use the "R" word around here this time of year!!) off of the track and waited for the sun to come out a little longer to dry the track, I had a little extra time on my hands. My son just got a new car, so the plans for the day is getting him dialed in (1st year of racing).

One of the novice racers, needed an Orion Chrome worked on, so, I cut the comm, and used the new Brush Factory on the brushes. I was impressed with the serrator... did a 90% job on the brushes (grading is tough... as I am comparing it to my Pro Match serrator that provides an excellent serration every time).

I also cut a slot in each brush - one vertical and one horizontal - mostly just to try both sides of the tool to check for straightness. The motor really needed new brushes, as they looked like they had been hung up in the brush hoods judging by the color of the comm and the brushes (the UGLY black does not lie!!). The Brush Factory Worked good for this.

One item worth mentioning - the slave motor included is none other than Slot Machine 2 - REVERSE Rotation. Hmm... maybe somebody has a few of these left? Rotation of the motor can be either direction... as the serrator and slotter will work equally well in either.

Upon closer inspection, the machining on the bottom of the Blue machine is great. Very fine, precise cuts. The rest of the finish... well..... it could be a lot better. The anodizing covers most of it and at least makes it look presentable, but if the aluminum was left in it's raw state, the finish would not be acceptable. Square corners are not all that square - kind of rounded - either from boinks along the production process or, in some cases, over eager finish sanding on a belt sander from the looks of it. Finish grade - D+.

The table for the brush slotter has two thumb screws - one for up/down travel and the other to lock into position. So far, so good on this end.

Of course, I had to disassemble most of it to see how it looks on the inside. The shafts are 1/8" almost. Not of the highest quality - should have used R/C armature shafts. The shafts rotate in bronze bushings. I contemplated replacing the bushings at this point, but decided against it. Some of the particles that will be a by product of cutting and serrating the brushes will make their way down the recessed areas... and would probably necessitate frequent cleaning... so... the bushings stay. I did add a fiber washer on each side of the bushings so that there was a replaceable wear point and to avoid replacing bushings. Hopefully this works.

Overall rating thus far......B-. Function is fine, but to pay 70 smackers for what could be a NICE piece of machined aluminum is going against the grain.

Wishes??? I wish that it had a THIRD work table on it.... what for you ask? A TOTAL brush station... I would like to mount the brush sizer/countour tool... or allow for provisions to take the slotter out and use this as the sizer. I might try this on my own.

I do like the "brush station" idea though... as it keeps two possible operations in one package... instead of looking around for my brush cutting jig/motor, brush serrator, and brush sizer (oops... that is just my wish for a third table!!).

After reading this before I posted, maybe a "quick change" on either side of the work tables would be better. As it stands now, in order to change the serrator bit, you must disassemble the belt drive on the bottom of the Brush Factory, remove the pulley/belt (not enough room to just remove or replace the belt - pulley/belt must be removed together).

The suggested retail price is 89.99. I paid 69.99. Part number is TK3110 and it is available from most hobby shops.
Tom Englehart
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