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Hi All,

Well I could have put this on the WL Board, but I figured it would be OK here too.

Thanks to Nicko, I now have my HOLY GRAIL in my collection. In the mail today was the 1 of 10 RC2/JL Employee WL 2006 Holiday Mustang ! ! ! :woohoo:

I never actually figured I would have this in my Mustang collection. I really appreciate Nicko working out a trade/deal with me on this. I promise to always give it a good home :thumbsup:

Now all that remains is to see what the RC2/JL Employee 2007 Holiday Car will be. I really hope it's not another Mustang/Shelby. We will see.

Well take care and have a great weekend all. My weekend has certianly brightened up ! !

Mustang Enthusiast & Collector

" Keep America Beautiful ... Drive a Mustang ! "
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