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Numbers of TRAXXAS R/C model parts for monster truck has just arrived rcMart.com! Please check the list below for your desired Traxxas parts:

Model No. Description
1942 Traxxas Rod Ends (16 long & 4 short) / Hollow Balls Connectors (18)
2660 Traxxas Big-Bore Shocks
2662 Traxxas Aluminum Big Bore Shocks
3737 Traxxas Turnbuckle & Camber Link
3953 Traxxas Spur Gear 1.0P 36T For Revo / Slayer
3998 Traxxas Two Speed Conversion Kit
4686 Spur gear, 86-tooth (48-pitch) (for models with Torque-Control slipper clutch)
4690 Traxxas Original Spur Gear (48P 90T)
4962 Traxxas Shocks Big Bore
5161 Traxxas Suspension Screw Pin Set Hardened Steel (hex drive)
5186 Traxxas Mounted Wheelie Bar Tires/Wheels
5280 Control box (complete) (EZ-Start 2)
5330 Traxxas Front Bulkhead For Revo
5333 Traxxas Suspension Arm Upper (1)
5340 Traxxas Aluminum Exhaust Header Silver Anodized For Revo
5353 Traxxas Wheel Nuts Splined 17mm
5372 Traxxas GEMINI 3.8 Chrome Wheels
5373 Traxxas Hurricane 3.8 Wheels
5411 Traxxas Revo Wing Mount
5412 Traxxas Revo wing
5446 Traxxas Revo wing
5450 Traxxas Half Shaft Set L/R Maxx/Revo
5452 Traxxas U-Joints Drive Shaft
5455 Traxxas Center Front & Rear Half Shafts For Revo
5456 Traxxas Half Shafts Center For Revo / Slayer
5457 Traxxas Yoke Brake w/Pins For Revo / Slayer
5469 Traxxas Rod Ends GTR Shocks Revo
5480 Traxxas Wheel Wrench
5529 Traxxas Shim Set with balls Jato/Slash
5914 Traxxas Center Differential Kit For Slayer
5931 Traxxas Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (Right Front) For Slayer
5932 Traxxas Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (Left Front) For Slayer
5933 Traxxas Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (Right Rear) For Slayer
5934 Traxxas Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (Left Rear) For Slayer
5935 Traxxas Front Bumper For Slayer
5940 Traxxas Shock Spring (1.8 rate double green stripe) For Slayer
5941 Traxxas Shock Spring (2.0 rate double black stripe) For Slayer
5998 Traxxas Sway Bar Kit For Slayer
2530A Traxxas Bulkhead (Front) (GY)
2742X Traxxas Rod Ends (Short) (6) and Hollow Balls (6)
3139A TraxxasTurnbuckles, aluminum
3232X Traxxas Super Duty Long Glow Plug For Revo
3632A Traxxas Caster Blocks (30-degree)
3632X Traxxas Caster Blocks (30-degree)
3636A Traxxas Steering Blocks
3636X Traxxas Steering Blocks (2), 6061-T6 Red-Anodized Aluminum
3652A Traxxas Aluminum Stub Axle Carriers
3652X Traxxas Aluminum Stub Axle Carriers
3743A Traxxas Blue-Anodized Aluminum Steering Bellcranks for Slash
3941R Traxxas Tubes™ Steering Drag Link
4146X Clutch shoes (2)/ spring (T-Maxx/Revo/Jato/Nitro 4-Tec)
4929X Traxxas Bulkheads Aluminum Rear
4930X Traxxas Bulkheads Aluminum Front
5131R Traxxas Suspension Arms Upper (2) Fit For All Maxx Series
5132R Traxxas Suspension Arms Lower (2) Fit For All Maxx Series
5141R Traxxas Tubes™ Toe Links
5143R Traxxas Toe Links
5172X Traxxas Split-Spoke 3.8 Chrome Wheels
5186A Traxxas Mounted Wheelie Bar Tires/Wheels
5318x Push rod (aluminum) (assembled with rod ends) (2) (use with long travel or #5357 progressive-1 rockers)
5344X Traxxas Heavy Duty Servo Saver Spring For Revo / Slayer
5345X Traxxas Steering/Throttle Servo Horns
5378X Pivot ball caps (4)/ dust boots, rubber (4)/ dust plugs, rubber (4)/ dust boot retainers, black (4), blue (4) (2 pkgs. req. to complete truck)
5451R Traxxas Driveshafts
5451X Traxxas Drive Shaft Assembly
5938R Traxxas Toe Links For Slayer

Where to buy Traxxas Parts?
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