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traxxas evx??

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i have a traxxas (novak) evx speed controller and only plan on running one battery at a time. can i connect the battery wire together like the super duty? it does not say in the operating instr. either way, and was wondering if anyone else has done this thanks
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It's possible, But I don't know if the EVX is built to run that way. If you look at the wires on the EVX you'll see that the Negative from one battery and the Positive from the other go into the ESC right next to each other. Those are the "jumpers", you could use just 1 battery by hooking it up to the other pos & neg battery wires.
there was a article on that subject. cant remember where i saw it tho.
yes you can run an evx on one pack. all you have to do is plug in one pack and turn the switch on. if the esc lights up go to the next step if not then plug it in to the other and it should light up. then all you have to do is make a direct loop that connects the wires for the other esc plug.
this is a great way to slow down an e maxx so kids and other non experienced people can drive it.
thanks for the info guys i will give it a try.
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