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Traxxas 1/16 Titan 380 Brushed (#7105) E-Revo VXL & (#7005) Slash VXL are now available @ rcMart.com
All the precision and performance of the 1/16 Slash VXL 4WD (#7005) and 1/16 VXL E-Revo, now with Titan® 380 brushed-motor power! All the features of the 1/16 VXL Slash and 1/16 VXL E-Revo are built into the brushed version, including waterproof electronics, full ball bearings, brushless-ready transmission, oil-filled shocks—the works. The only difference is the power system, which features the new Titan 380 motor and XL-2.5 Electronic Speed Control. Designed and engineered by Traxxas, the XL-2.5 is packed with impressive specifications that are normally only found on more expensive high-end replacement units.

The XL-2.5 features a completely waterproof design, three throttle profiles, Thermal Shutdown Protection, 6-8 cell NiMH compatibility and built-in BEC. High frequency operation combined with ultra-low resistance make the XL-2.5 an efficient and ultra-smooth fully proportional speed control. An exclusive feature on the XL-2.5 is the patent pending Training Mode™. This profile reduces the overall power output of the XL-2.5 by 50%, making it easier for young or new drivers to develop their control skills before unleashing full-power operation. 1/16 Slash 4WD's and 1/16 E-Revo's Titan 380 motor packs a high-torque punch with low-friction oilite bushings and a fan-cooled armature for lasting performance. Flexible, silicone-insulated 16-gauge wire keeps power flowing efficiently, and bullet connectors are used for convenient, no-soldering-required maintenance.

Feature os 1/16 (#7105) E-REVO VXL Brushed:
- Waterproof electronics
- Progressive-rate suspension
- High quality hex hardware
- Sealed differentials
- Titan 380 motor and XL-2.5 Waterproof ESC
- Battery Pack and charger included
- Length: 328mm
- Front Track: 239mm
- Rear Track: 239mm
- Height (overall): 117mm
- Wheelbase: 202mm
- Wheel diameter: 53mm
- Motor: Titan 380
- Transmission: Heavy-Duty Brushless Ready
- Speed Control: XL-2.5 Waterproof ESC
- Differential Type: Hardened Steel Bevel, Sealed Limited Slip
- Chassis Type: Nylon-Composite
- Radio System: Traxxas TQ (2-Channel)

Features of 1/16 (#7005) Slash VXL Brushed:
- Fully assembled and Ready-To-Race®
- Full-time 4WD
- Powerful Titan 380 motor
- XL-2.5 waterproof electronic speed control
- Includes Traxxas Power Cell battery pack and charger
- Traxxas High-Current Connectors
- High-torque waterproof steering servo
- Race in dirt, mud, and water
- Ball-bearing, brushless-ready transmission
- Sealed, silicone-filled differentials
- Adjustable Torque-Control™ slipper clutch
- Precision high-quality hex hardware throughout
- Efficient rubber-sealed ball bearings
- Fully adjustable, oil-filled GTR Shocks™
- Pre-glued tires with foam inserts
- TQ 2-channel radio system
- Officially licensed Scott Douglas/Mike Oberg graphics
- Length: 356mm
- Front Track: 185mm
- Rear Track: 185mm
- Overall Height: 125mm
- Wheelbase: 206mm
- Wheel Diameter: 35mm
- Motor: Titan 380
- Transmission: Internally Adjustable, Brushless Ready
- Speed Control: XL-2.5 Waterproof ESC
- Differential Type: Hardened Steel Bevel, Sealed, Limited Slip
- Chassis Type: Nylon-Composite
- Radio System: Traxxas TQ (2-Channel)
Source: Traxxas
Where to buy?
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