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I wasn't sure what to expect, I asked here about the shows but no one replied but I figured I'd check it out anyway. I overpaid for the A100 because I figured I wouldn't find one at TRU so I just paid the 7 bucks. I don't do that kind of thing often and I was satisfied with what I paid for everything else.

The Vista Cruiser I did get at TRU though, the one nearest me moved and the new store opened today so I checked it out on the way home from the show. I had seen the Vista Cruiser before but didn't buy it, I decided to go for it this time around.

The Earnhardt Peter Max is 1:64 and is an RCCA, the detailing on it is really impressive for the scale. I had no problem paying 5 bucks for it. Plus it's just bizarre and that makes it fit nicely in my collection lol.

Here's some better pics of it outside the plastic.

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