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Touring Oval ?????????

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I'm Trying To Set-up My Son's Hpi Pro 3 For Touring Oval Racing. Where Can I Get Some Help Or Information On This Project???? Thanks, Don
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I run touring car on a oval track. Give me some info on the track and i can give you a few pointers. you can email me at [email protected]
before you all get mad at me..i'm not blowing my own horn on this one..BUT i did tq the touring oval class at the 04 snowbirds. that is the largest field of touring oval cars there is..i ran a corally assassin car. the cars chassis was custom made and designed by corally just for oval racing. but i repeat i did not have a special oval only set-up on the car. the fact is i used my buddies integy set-up tools and set the car up flat. i used associated springs front and rear and those were set up like a regular on road set up i used 2 yellow front springs and 2 white rear springs..nothing special ..i set the droop screws up flat as well..we ran or were allowed to use foams..bsr plaids up front and bsr purples in the rear..again nothing special. long arms on every corner as well.

i'm not sold on having to tweak a touring car in some crazy manner like a pan oval car to make it handle ..i think the most important factor in touring oval cars is getting those 6 cells as far left as you can. i use a bandit monte carlo body and my cells touch the left side of the body. if you want to go fast on the flat ovals with a touring car get those cells as far left as you can. the corally has everything mounted on the left side. motor,servo,batteries...realy goes through a corner well..

and don you were at the track saturday with 3 of the 10 cars that made the A main at the snowbirds? you never asked any of us anything? lol
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TOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! I thought i heard a horn LOL... Kat is the touring oval king for 2004... to bad his main wasnt as good as the car showed....
i'm trying to lobby boylan for a re-run of the main next year before the track goes to hell again,lol. touring oval is fun, but i wish we could come up with set rules to go by. so many tracks allow wings and on road bodies and such. ruins the oval theme ...i'll have to find mr.helms and hook up ship for next race august 15th at rpm..
We run touring car oval here at Fastlane in Blue Springs Mo every week its one of our biggest classes. We have a 50 oz wt limit foam or rubber tires and nascar or sedan type bodies.

Kat, you're absolutely right on getting the batteries all the way to the left. We milled a XXX-S chassis to split the packs and it was easily worth a couple laps. I still prefer to put some tweak in the car and set it up like ova, but I know plenty of guys who leave it balanced as if they were running on-road and are quite successful too.
cbear i am honest when it comes to set-up stuff..i like to see everyone do well..

touring oval is catching on here in florida slowly. i was lucky enough to have superior hobbies close by..they are the us importer for corally. one call from robby and i got my car to run at the birds. one day i'm going to try and tweak it some...i picked up 2 tenths moving the batteries out..i think thats 2 laps? lol

rules: NO ONROAD BODIES AT ALL! it's oval they need to get with the program
NO WINGS, just a max of a 2 inch rear spoiler
weight and ride height per snowbird rules
motor, 19 turn ultra bird motor only
6 cells
4 wheel drive must be hooked up and working
one ways,3 ways,2 ways..spools are all allowed

that is what i use for the florida oval series rules..the snowbirds has the best turnout for touring oval and as far as i know it's the best race to win at..so i built my rules around mike boylans.. my pet peeve is on road bodies! NO WAY they are a nice advantage when running against guys who do use a oval body! we have tried it..not pretty..

i hope more cars show up for next years snowbirds? the BMI conversion for the tc3 looks awesome! still cant touch my O-SSASSIN though...lol
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hey kat to be honest it looked like your car had a bad push.

if you are going to start out in touring oval I would put a good touring set up in the car for carpet run 3 magaenta and a cyan and adjust from there. there are so many things that can be done to a touring car to make it turn left that it can be easy to get off track and bind the car up in the corners.
For our next trick we're gonna try a Pro4 with the batteries pushed way left.

Its kind of a beginner class here to be honest, because we let guys run whatever and most of the cars started out life as RTR's of some sort. Once you get to the point where you're seriously wrenching on it aiming for track records the moving chicanes start to get to you and you move to pan cars. Thats what I and a couple other guys did.
Now, for the big race we're having in KC (october 8th, plug plug), we're running darn close to your rules. We typically don't check height, run normal TC on-road weight limit, but use stock motors. For that race we'll be running stockcar bodies only. I'd love to go 19 turn, but we really should keep it a notch below the pan car boys here.

Dave's got a point too, there's so many set-up adjustments to a TC that you really can get yourself confused. I've ruined many days playing with assymetric setups that wound up with me way out in left field.
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Well you guys got me on the battery part, I run nitro touring oval.......
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