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Topper Fans!

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Greetings to all.
I find this board to be a wealth of information for both past and new JL.
This is my first original post.


Here's one i just got in the mail today. As I hoped it turned out to be an open door model.
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:thumbsup: These are cool too:

eBay is helping your collection a bunch...

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Yep! I saw that one too. If it had a white interior you would have had bidding competition! :D
Congrats on the great price though! :thumbsup:
2.75 for that car (open door Mako) is borderline criminal. I must have been asleep. Congrats! :thumbsup:
Wow,those are some nice Originals. I've been collecting the originals more than anything now.Nothing coming out right now that appeals to me and I like the challenge of the hunt on these better.
As for the pens,lol......
Mod's Shameless Plug #1

Howdy folks,
I will be bringing a boatload (the box I shipped ahead is over 50 lbs!!) of Topper items to sell at the Fest including many hard to find items including a Condor (complete), Vultures (complete) GTO's (including a very rare colored purple sealed door in MINT condition), peach-red mirror T-Bird and violet mirror El Camino two open door Ferraris and many, many other cars.

Also Track sets and a Unser case (chok full of cars).

Will be bring Hot Wheel items too.

Also if you are into off brand vintage cars (non HW, non JL) such as Remco Racing Wheels, Playart, Fast 111's (a whole case including Fast 111's belt buckle!) Impy, Matchbox etc, come see me.

I will be sharing a table with my Mini-Motors "bro" Dipstick.

And of course, those of you that are into WL's come check out what I have.

I will stand on my head til my ears are turning red to make you a deal!

I am Peter Modaffari, and I approve of this message... :thumbsup: :wave:

(All proceeds to fund another Mac G5 for mod's business).
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