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I have been really busy with work, storm clean up and repairs, and keeping up with the dio stuff on ebay, all my projects have fallen behind a bit...
I still have all these unfinished projects to finish !!!

I have been working on this HW Buick for sometime now... I finally got the right height I want it to set, but still need some GL Magnum wheels for it... The green glass and gold bumpers gotta go also !!!

This MB pick up and camper is still collecting dust... I did get the holes patched in on the roof of the camper !!!

Still need to finish the 2 HW 57 Buicks !!!

Almost done with this HW 67 GTO with the M2 wheels !!!

Still fartin' around with this thing trying to figure out what to do with it !!!

I also wanna restore these two HW Corvettes I recieved RAOK style from my good friend, Ilan Benita, a member here !!!

I still need to add the dual nitrous bottles and the parachute to this one, so it can rejoin the collection !!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts