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Tonka Trailers

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On my great weekend diecast adventure which netted two 69 Chevy Blazer WLs, 3 Motor Max Chevettes and four othernew JLs, I also found some Tonka trailers in 1/64 scale at WM. They came with a Ford F-250 and a generic Tonka tractor all for under $3. The trailers themsleves have a metal base with a detailed plastic top which simulates wood. All the trailers were black and about the size of the trailers ERTL has done. The Tonka trailers have wheel fenders and rubber tires as well. The trailers can be hitched up to the Tonka F-250 or ERTL 1/64 scale trucks as well so you can mix and match.

I just thought I'd brag on some good finds. I ended up buying five of these Tonka truck/trailer/tractor sets over the weekend. I'm quite impressed. :tongue:

EDIT: I do not have access to a camera, so if anyone could take some pics of these trailers, please share.

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Did they look something like this? Got these at TSC a few months back.

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Yep! Same exact thing thing on a different card for the same price.
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