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Tomica began with 6 Japanese brand cars in 1970. By 1972, the line up had expanded to 40 castings. By 1974, the line up had expanded to 100 different casting models. In 1976, the F (for Foreign Vehicle) Series was introduced. In 1988, the casting line up had expanded to 120 models. In 1993 a battery operated series of casting were introduced called B/O Tomica. In 1999, the R/C Tomica line up was introduced. These were remote controlled cars. In 2001, the Tomica Limited series was started. In 2006, the Tomica Hyper Series was started and in 2008, the Tomica Long Series was introduced. In 2010, the casting list reached 140 models. For their 30th anniversay they also issed a solid Gold casting series. And for their 40th anniversary, casting were issued in solid Platinum.

Along the way (and like Matchbox), Tomica also stopped production of many castings throughout their production history and added new casting model replacements that were issued with the same series number. Keeping a specific number of casting release each year.

Another factor that makes Tomicas difficult to catalogue is that on the 3rd Saturday of each month a new model is introduced - that replaces a previous casting model. Subseguently more that 800 different castings models have been produced by Tomica thru 2011.

1972 Tomica Dandy (?)
1976 Tomica F Series (Foreign Vehicel)
1993 B/O Tomica Series
1999 R/C Tomica Series
2001 Tomica Limited Series
2006 Tomica Hyper Series
2008 Tomica Long Series

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