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Here is my haul for today. 馃憤

At price chopper.

Entertainment series.

I got another scooby doo mystery machine van, in blue.

And I got another forza motorsport 7 Volkswagen classic bug, in blue.

At dollar tree.

Basic line series.

I got 2 baja trucks, in blue 1 with dark yellow tampos variation and 1 with light yellow tampos variation.

At wegmans.

Halloween cars series.

Epic fast, in purple.

I got 2 hover and outs, in black.

And I got another night burner, in orange.

And regular treasure hunt series.

I got 3 power pistons, in yellow 2 for me and 1 for my best friend. 馃憤

And I went to the mall today and this is what I found. 馃憤

At TJ maxx.

Hotwheels ID cars series.

Hiway hauler 3.0, in spectraflame yellow+black.

Mach speeder, in spectraflame white+gray.

And night burner, in spectraflame green. 馃憤

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Thanks guy's for the nice comments congrats. 馃憤
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