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Here is my haul for today. 馃憤

At Joann fabric's.

I got 2 48 car jammer cases. And they were on sale for $5.99 each.

And car culture Japan historics 3 series.

1975 datsun sunny B120 pickup truck, in yellow.

At target.

Basic line series.

1952 Hudson hornet, in gray.

1964 Chevy nova station wagon, in orange.

1976 Greenwood Corvette, in blue.

1969 Camaro convertible, in blue.

Dodge charger drift car, in blue.

Alpha pursuit, in gray.

1969 dodge charger 500, in purple.

HW formula solar, in red.

1992 Ford mustang, in tan.

I got this one for my mom. 馃憤

Duck N Roll, in yellow.

I got this one for my best friend. 馃憤

Mad propz, in yellow.

And I found error for one of my friends. 馃憤

A alpha pursuit where the base and body didn't get put on right.

Color shifters series.

Batmobile, in black.

And mig rig, in white+green.

And flying customs series.

1968 Chevy Nova, in green.

1957 Ford Thunderbird, in pink.

And custom 1969 Volkswagen squareback, in yellow.

And at Walmart.

Nightburnerz 5 pack.

Renault sport R.S 01, in gray.

Dodge challenger drift car, in black.

Ford focus RS in red.

Manga tuner, in white.

And custom 2012 Ford mustang, in blue.

A 9 pack with 5 new cars inside it.

Pharadox, in blue.

2008 dodge challenger SRT8 hemi, in white.

Corvette stingray, in blue.

Corvette C7 Z06 convertible, in gold.

And bone shaker, in black.

Fast and furious premium cars.

1961 Chevy impala, in red.

And 1966 Chevy Nova, in gold.

And a couple of the Walmart exclusive Mario kart character cars.

#5 goomba, in chrome+brown.

And #7 shell trophy, in gold+green+white.馃憤

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WOW, that is an impressive haul. The cashier must have earned their pay when you got to them. LOL
The T-Bird from the Flying Customs series has been a tough one for me to get.

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Joanne fabric's has the jammer cases on sale for $5.99 each. And they're called thread organizers like milton said. 馃憤

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Thanks guy's for the nice comments. 馃憤

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