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I went to the flea market today and this is what I got. 👍

I got some loose cars.

1956 Ford mercury, in green.

1957 Ford Thunderbird, in yellow.

1969 dodge charger, in white+blue with the redline wheels variation.

#44 hotwheels racing Kyle petty Pontiac grand prix, in blue.

Purple passion, in black with the whitewall wheels variation.

I got 2 Talbot Lagos, 1 in black, and 1 in white both with the whitewall wheels variation.

Roll patrol jeep CJ-7, in army green.

Saleen S7, in tan.

And bywayman, in tan.

I got some loose blackwall's.

1957 Chevy, in black+yellow with the blackwall gold wheels and Hong Kong base variation.

Stutz blackhawk, in black.

And sheriff patrol police car, in blue+white.

Nascar hotwheels pro racing series.

#21 motorcraft Ricky Rudd Ford Taurus, in red+black.

And #10 tide detergent Ricky Rudd Ford Taurus, in orange+white and it comes with the pit crew tool box, in orange+white.

Hotwheels 30TH anniversary series.

XT-3, in black+yellow with the hotwheels 30TH anniversary logo on it variation.

And I got these from one of my friends. 👍

Basic line series.

1965 Ford mustang 2+2 fastback, in black+gold.

2018 Copo Camaro SS, in red+white+black.

1998 Honda prelude, in gray.

And classic 1966 TV series batmobile, in black+red.👍
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