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Here is my flea market haul for today. :thumbsup:

I got 4 loose cars.

Ozznberg, in orange.

Sir ominous, in red.

Power rocket, in chrome.

And Custom 1983 corvette stingray convertible, in purple.

Basic line series.

Sting rod, in gray+orange.

Computer warrior, in blue.

Humvee, in white.

And Porsche 911 turbo, in red.

Nascar hotwheels pro racing series.

#45 sprint kyle petty chevy Monte Carlo, in red+white+black.

Nascar hotwheels pro circuit racing series.

#43 stp Richard petty Pontiac Grand prix, in blue+orange.

I got these from one of my friends. :thumbsup:

Basic line series.

I got 2 1965 ford Mustang convertibles, 1 in red, and 1 in brown.

Peterbilt dump truck, in red.

And wheel loader, in yellow.

I got these from another friend. :thumbsup:

Hall of fame series.

1957 chevy, in purple.

And I got these from my best friend. :thumbsup:

Connect cars series.

Mississippi 1968 chevy nova ss, in red+white+blue.

Boulevard series.

1977 Pontiac firebird, in black+gold.

2012 ford Fiesta, in blue.

And golden submarine, in red+gray.

Larry's garage series.

1971 ford Mustang Mach 1, in yellow.

And Wayne's garage series.

Tail dragger, in gray.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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