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Here is my flea market haul for today. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

I got 2 propper choppers, 1 in white+black, and 1 in yellow+black.

Oshkosh snow plow, in red+gray.

Ferrari 308 GTS, in red.

Rocket shot, in orange+gray.

Nissan hardbody, in black.

And Humvee, in tan.

I got these from one of my friends. :thumbsup:

I traded for these.

Mainline series.

Dump truck, in yellow.

And 1996 first edition series.

Volkswagen drag bus, in blue.

And I got these from my best friend. :thumbsup:

Boulevard series.

Buick grand national, in black.

Larry's garage series.

1958 Ford edsel, in green+white.

And connect cars series.

Oklahoma 1958 ford thunderbird, in white.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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