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Here is my flea market haul for today. :thumbsup:

I got 1 loose car.

Panoz gtr-1, in red.

I got these from one of my friends. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

2010 camaro ss, in purple.

Grass chomper, in red.

Two timer, in gray.

Cockney cab | |, in black.

And Panoz gtr-1, in black.

I got these from another friend. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

2016 camaro ss, in blue+white.

Chrysler 300c, in black.

And the Beatles yellow submarine, in yellow+white+red.

Regular treasure hunt series.

Night burner, in red.

And vintage redline series.

S'cool bus, in yellow.

And I got these from another friend. :thumbsup:

Batman vs superman pop culture series.

Volkswagen t1 panel micro bus van, in red+blue+yellow+black.

1980 dodge macho power wagon, in black+gray.

1971 chevy El Camino, in blue+red+purple+black.

1934 dodge delivery, in red.

Custom 1952 chevy, in blue.

And quick d livery, in blue.

And I got these for free from my friend. :thumbsup:

Batman vs superman 5 pack.

I got 2 2011 dodge charger r/t's, 1 in black, and 1 in white.

Batman vs superman batmobile, in black.

Ultra rage, in brown.

And rivited, in blue.
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