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Here is my flea market haul for today. :thumbsup:

Some loose cars.

Rodger dodger, in orange.

Way 2 fast, in red, with the faster than ever wheels.

Wheel loader, in yellow+black.

At-a-tude, in red.

And 3 window 34 ford, in red.

Mainline series.

Circle tracker, in light blue.

1962 chevy bel air bubble top, in gold.

Custom Volkswagen beetle bug, in blue.

madfast, in red.

1968 chevy El Camino, in orange.

Nitro doorslammer, in blue.

And 1967 Pontiac firebird 400, in green, with the redline wheels.

I got these from one of my friends. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

2014 Honda Odyssey, in white+red+blue.

Custom 1977 dodge van, in purple.

Boom box, in blue.

Baja bone shaker, in green.

Dodge srt viper gts-r, in blue.

1970 ford escort rs1600, in white.

2007 ford Mustang, in red.

And Skate brigade, in blue+black.

The Beatles yellow submarine 6 car set.

Volkswagen Kool kombi, in blue.

Morris mini cooper, in red.

Fish'd & chip'd, in blue.

Bump around bumper car, in yellow.

Cockney cab ||, in white.

And fast felion, in purple.

And redline club real riders series.

Scorchin scooter, in red+orange+silver.

And I got these from my best friend. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

With Faster than ever wheels.

1968 chevy El Camino, in red.

1968 ford Mustang, in orange.

1969 corvette zl-1, in yellow.

And c6 corvette, in yellow+black.

With the bf goodwich wheels.

Chevy Silverado pickup truck, in purple.

GMC motorhome,in blue.

1941 pro mod willys coupe, in gray.

Meyers Manx, in blue.

Deuce roadster, in black.

And Phantom racer,in purple.

Regular mainline series.

Slideout, in yellow+blue.

And speed shark, in red.

Rockin rods series.

1957 chevy bel air, in red.

Final run series.

Street beast, in white+brown.

Hall of fame series.

Morris mini cooper, in green.

And beatnik bandit, in white+brown.

100% series.

1967 Pontiac GTO, in blue.

1970 chevelle ss, in green+white.

1965 ford Mustang convertible, in black.

1967 dodge charger, in gray.

I got 2 corvette sr-2's, 1 in blue, and 1 in red.

And I got this one for free from my best friend. :thumbsup:

Spawn mobile firebird funny car, in white+black.
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