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Here is my haul for today from the flea market. :thumbsup:

Mainline series.

Sand stinger, in yellow.

Bull whip, in tan.

Circle tracker, in blue.

Off duty, in blue.

F-racer, in black.

Nissan 370Z, in white.

Mr11, in red.

And I got 3 Panoz gtr-1's, 1 in blue, 1 in green, and 1 in white.

Getty promo series.

Toyota Mr2, in blue+red+white.

And I got some loose cars.

Tow jam, in blue.

Open roadster, in blue.

fly-by motorcycle, in purple.

Big Bertha, in green.

Spine buster, in red.

F-racer, in green.

Sharkruiser, in blue.

What 4-2, in red.

Airy 8, in pink.

Straight pipes, in purple.

Power pipes, in red.

Circle trucker, in red.

Nerve hammer, in green.

And I got 2 super tuned ' s, 1 in blue, and 1 in green.

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Thanks guys for the nice comments congrats. :thumbsup:
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