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I went and I got my haircut today and around the corner there is a dollar general and this is what I found there.πŸ‘

Hotwheels monster truck series.

SRIRACHA monster truck, in orange+green.

And then I had to go to tops to get some groceries and this is what I found there.πŸ‘

Basic line series.

1964 Chevy impala, in red.

2005 Ford mustang, in green+yellow+black.

2018 Copo Camaro SS, in black+red.

And datsun 620 pickup truck, in red.

And regular treasure hunt series.

Circle trucker, in gray+orange+blue+black.

And in that same plaza where tops is there is a couple of dollar stores and this is what I found at them.πŸ‘

At family dollar.

Basic line series.

1996 Chevrolet impala SS, in black.

And quick bite, in white.

And hotwheels monster trucks series.

Star wars chewbacca monster truck, in brown+gray+black.

And at dollar tree.

Well first off at dollar tree I went walking down to the toy aisle and all I seen there was a bunch of torn up hotwheels flying customs blister cards laying there on the shelves without the cars in them. So somebody stole a bunch of hotwheels flying customs cars. So that made me mad and upset why does people have to do this stuff for. But I did find one flying customs car still on the peg. Then I started walking around and come up to where the backroom is and I see inside there a brand new Case of hotwheels basic cars so I went and ask an employee I see in the backroom a brand new Case of hotwheels so can you please bring them out to me so he went back there and brought it out to me so I open it up and took out the cars and put them up on the pegs for them and inside that case there wasn't no super treasure hunt again not even a regular treasure hunt or ID chase car but I did get some basic cars. πŸ‘

So here is what I got at dollar tree.

Flying customs series.

Volkswagen caddy pickup truck, in green.

And basic line series.

1968 shelby GT-500, in purple.

2018 dodge challenger SRT demon, in yellow+black.

Aston Martin one-77, in red+white.

And cruise bruiser, in black+green+purple. πŸ‘

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My collector friends have been telling me that this case mix is being found much more than often to not have the id, the rTH or$TH in them. Glad you were able to find some castings though, Sam!
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