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I went out hunting today and this is what I found. 馃憤

At Walgreens.

A couple of basic cars.

1989 Porsche 944 turbo, in red.

And 1996 Porsche Carrera, in black.

At Joann fabric's.

World's smallest cars series.

Night shifter, in red.

At target.

Basic line series.

Bat copter, in black+blue.

Nissan 300ZX twin turbo, in white+black.

Corvette C7 Z06, in white.

And I got an error for one of my friends. 馃憤

A 1970 Volkswagen baja bug, in red where the car is on its side in the package.

Fast & furious spy racers series.

Baja crawler, in green+black.

And I got this one for one of my friends. 馃憤

And hyperfin, in red with a wheel error where the one back wheel is bent.

And hotwheels ID cars series.

Custom 2015 Ford mustang GT, in spectraflame red.

BMW I8 roadster, in spectraflame orange.

And HW50 concept, in spectraflame blue.

And at Walmart.

Basic line series.

Grand cross, in blue.

Landrover defender 90, in red.

Range rover velar, in red.

And I got this one for my best friend. 馃憤

Shelby cobra 427 s/c, in black+red.

Car culture cruise boulevard series.

1969 chevelle SS 396, in blue with gray stripes variation.

And 2014 custom Ford mustang, in light orange variation with black stripes.

And boulevard series.

I got 2 1966 Pontiac GTO'S, in gray+maroon. 馃憤
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Thanks guy's for the nice comments congrats. 馃憤
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