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I went out today and this is what I found today. 馃憤

At real deals dollar store.

I got some hotwheels band aids.

At family dollar.

Regular treasure hunt series.

The batman animated series batmobile, in black.

And at the mall today.

At this store called larger than life toys and comics.

Basic line series.

1933 Ford roadster, in green with 3 spoke wheels variation.

1941 willys coupe, in black.

1957 Cadillac Eldorado brougham, in purple.

1967 Camaro, in black.

Ford GT-90, in dark yellow variation.

I got 2 semi fast trucks, 1 in red+black, and 1 in purple.

And I got 2 evil twins, 1 in white, and one in red.
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Congrats on your finds, Sam!
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Thanks guy's for the nice comments congrats. 馃憤
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