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Toby Toys was a trademark of Louis Marx & Co Ltd, England. Marx is an American company founded in New York by Louis Marx. He was the factory manager at Ferdinand Strauss, who manufactured of cheap mechanical tin toys before founding Marx. Upon the death of Mr Strauss in 1921, Louis Marx and his brother purchased the dies and founded Louis Marx & Co Ltd" (?) of England. In 1932, they bought a factory in Dudley (Worcestershire), England and continued to produced cheap tinplate toys. Beginning in 1947, they specialized in die-cast toys made in mazak (Zamak) and plastic and on trains.

As above; in 1947, they made four die-cast mazak (Zamac) vehicles. The reproduction was crude and a generic model with one color paint and no added details. Models were a a fire engine, a breakdown lorry, a roadster and a saloon vehicle.

In 1967, the English brand of Louis Marx and Co Ltd was sold to Dunbee-Combex.

Marx Toys - Made in Great Britain was another trademark of Louis Marx & Co.

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