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Time to make the Announcement...

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Well, it's been a long road getting here, in final negotiations for my next big adventure when I return to the airwaves ! In 1997, I walked away from Broadcast Radio, I went out at the top of my game as an award winning Radio DJ in the No.1 Country Market in Western Colorado. It's been 15 long years, and the Colorado Broadcasters Award of Excellence gathers dust on the wall. In a few weeks I will post where you guys can tune in to the show and our website to support it. you won't find anything yet.....but soon. Be afraid,....be very afraid !
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When finalized the format will be screened call in talk, with weekly special guests and other luminaries from the Hobby Industry. If it takes off like we hope there will be interviews with celebrities, and Hollywood professionals later down the line..
I plan to review kits, decals, supplies, aftermarket stuff, sources, and research materials, and general industry news. The associated website will contain program notes, archives of past shows available for download, links , and other support materials.
I'm hopeful for a late 3rd quarter launch. Watch here for furthur news.
This is wonderful news and I for one am very happy for you!
I hope there is a podcast at some point!
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