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Yall have so much knowledge i wont be able to top that but only share what works well for me.When ever Im in that sittin down tinkerin kinda mood, its of to hobby lobby for a new t-jet. Then to hobby haven for a matchbox tune up kit as the tires fit nice on the rear with the aid of 3-m weatherstrip adhesive.after 20 laps she comes down adjusting pick-up shoes, tighten tolerances of wheels to frame, triming screw supports as to lower center of gravity.playin around with some tapeaweights from our tire balancer at the shop and a complete transformation has taken place.My last little addition is to run fine valve grinding compound thru the gears on the top plate, a good cleaning and its now 1 oclock in the am. enjoy and have fun.Ive been playing around with front spring pressure and different types of springs.its all fun anyway. bruce
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