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1/32nd cars and stuff...

The power supply looks to be the power supply that I have. Bought mine from Alan Galinko and paid something like $125 or so. I can't remember if I paid additional for shipping or not. Resale on those seem to be around $100 if you can find one for sale. Rock solid fully adjustable power supply. I love mine.

The controllers look like professor motor controllers to me, and I use those as well. A "lower end" controller will set you back at least $50 new from PM. Resale if they are "basic" controllers, I would guess $30-35 would be fair. Again, awesome controllers- super smooth...

As for the track and cars- I don't know much about the Carrera line. I ran Scalextric and Slot Its when I raced. Seems a bunch of people have them though.

All I can say is that if you "low-balled" someone, the controllers and power supply would be hard to pass at $125 ($75, and $25 x2) still fair and more realistic at $150-160 ($100 $30x2)..

Good luck- Marc and Marcus
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