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I've been using craft acrylic paints for a while now and really like them. Some brands and some colors do not cover well, and since I brush exclusively (I'm working up the nerve to try an airbrush), I've had some brush stroke issues with them. However, in my latest build, the Airfix Apollo Saturn V, I've only used acrylics a very little bit, mainly for the silver on the Service Module and touch-ups of the black on the roll patterns. I'll be using acrylics a little more on this kit, but just for small details, like the RCS quads on the Service Module and the silver on the fins and fin shrouds. I used Krylon white primer for the white on the kit and Krylon flat black for the roll patterns. (BTW, I'm NOT impressed with Frog tape! Despite my best efforts at burnishing the tape edges, it leaked where the 3M blue painters tape did not.)

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