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The Toy Peddler to back the Albuquerque Gathering

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Just thought I might put this here from an email that was sent to me from the TTP, have cut and pasted what will show in print, good to see another great place is throwing in behind this event that is going ahead no matter how hard some are trying to make it look like it will not be---

Hi Everybody,
I try to not send out more than one monthly newsletter, but I have some exciting, timely news, and an update to share with you.
I have had the great pleasure of being asked to co-sponsor a long running, popular diecast event. It is the Matchbox Collectors International Gathering of Friends, to be held July 20-22 2012 In Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.
Jim Gallegos, long time Matchbox collector, promoter, and founder of Route 66 Promotions, will be co-sponsoring the event, along with The Toy Peddler.
Although this is not an extremely large event, (250-400 people), it is very friendly, international, informational, and FUN! This event has been taking place for 10 years now. Although Matchbox is the main theme, you will see other brands of diecast represented. The Sunday show is especially interesting.
The Mattel Team will be there in person again and will have stunning Code 1 models.
Friday starts with a Meet and Greet, Saturday includes Seminars, a Custom Contest, Dinner, Auction and Mattel Presentation of what is to come.
I am currently working with a former Matchbox/Mattel employee and should have some pre-production, prototypes, signed artwork, and even molds to share in a special display we are working on.

As part of this event, there will be a Charity Auction to benefit Rachael's Courtyard a very worthy, childrens charity. If you would like to donate, if you are attending or not, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Jim Gallegos at [email protected] for more information on donating items for the auction, or if you have any questions about The Gathering.

(Some of you may have heard through MCCH, that the event was cancelled. I assure you, it is going on and will be as good or better than originally planned.)

Paul Biddle
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Fantastic news,will make many members really pleased.:wave:
I got the email today also. Great news
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