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The Strings the Thing - Help Needed

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Rigging. As in rigging a World War I airplane or a sailing ship. Can anyone direct, show, illustrate, or otherwise convey how to do it "step-by step" so as to make it look real authentic? Thanks! I have nothing to do at this Artic station so I am attempting to sharpen my modeling skills up one or two notches. The Ultimate Computer.:cool:
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:p Thanks for the offline helps/aids from those of you who responded! Really, you guys shouldn't worry about what the others think of you if you help out. Let very small minds stay that way. In evolution terms there will be fewer of them anyway the further we go along.. Thanks again!:thumbsup:
What kind of help were you wanting? The layout of the strings? How to physically wire it up? I've never done such a model but FSM is always showing how to tack down stretched sprue with tiny dabs of superglue, then tightening it up with cigarette smoke. For anything more specific you'll probably have to look for sites of people who do that kind of modeling.
I use 1 or 2 pound test fishing line. Superglue it in place at either end, then light a match (Pygar! Shame on you for encouraging smoking! :lol: ). Let the match burn a bit, then blow it out. Pass the match head under the fishing line, and the line will contract til it's tight. Don't get too close or the heat will burn through it.
Excellent tip..I've had a sailing ship that I have been reluctant to start because of the rigging but now....PASS DEM MARLBOROS!!!!!!!!
Yes, then your children will have a nice model to remember you by when you die of lung cancer!

Just light a match.
Hey, I'm from Kentucky... gotta find some use for the darn things, getting hard to convince people to smoke 'em any more. I suppose you could use a fireworks punk too.
I've never really been satisfied smoking a fireworks punk.
I knew a fireworks punk in high school. He sold them out of the trunk of his Gremlin.
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