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Hi to all

Recently I just bought the new Norev 1:18 scale light blue 1963 Corvette model, and my first impression was that this is beautiful model, however not accurate! The split window on the model differs from the real counter part, meaning, on the real car where the top of the center post that separates the rear glass, it comes to a soft curve, where as on the model, it comes to a sharp angle! And the hub caps are not accurate either on the model, on the Corvette model the knock off spinner is a two bar, however on the real Corvette it's a 3 bar spinner. There may be more inaccuracies on the model I may not know about yet, but I am pointing out a couple that should not be! Now my question is, how could Norev fail on getting this car right, when there is plenty of references out there for them to go by, to get it right??
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