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That is right ladies and gentlemen it is that time of the year again.

It is time for the The Annual GASCAR 500.

This year it will be held at Carolina R/C Complex in Easley, South Carolina.

The race will be held on October 17,2009 with the 500 race being under the lights. Real pit stops, no cautions, strategy and go fast/turn left action like you have never seen or been a part of.

The GASCAR 2009 points series will be concluding at this race and all are welcome to run in the event, even if you are not running in the series.

I am sure there will be a full contingent of electric classes held during the race as well, see the CCRC website for those details.

Roger Douglas has the championship in hand, but that does not mean the racing is over. There is ONLY 1 POINT separating second and third and a mere 10 points between thrird and fouth.

So come one, come all to the Carolina R/C Complex and see some go fast action with the GASCAR Series!!

GASCAR Information:


CCRC Information:

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