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One of the cool things about owning a newer Ford Escape Hybred is that you have an electrical connection on the console. This connection gives out 120v current and enough amps to be able to run 3 slot car track transformers. So yesterday I put together "El Pequeño Toro Speedway", a 4 lane oval (we only use the inside 3 lanes) with a 6" radius inside turn and 30" straights. It all fits on a board just 4' 6" long and 20" wide, and fits perfectly in the back with the seats folded. I have a saw horse the right height of the cargo deck floor, so at lunch today we plugged in and pulled the track halfway out the back of my Escape and raced sprinters for half an hour. Pretty much the whole showroom stopped and came out to watch, even the few customers that were braving the off and on rain.
I only took 3 cars, all of them polymer/mean green XT winged outlaws, and we did 5 lap qualification races, taking the top 3 drivers from the 3 sets of heats...if you won, you basically transfered. Unfortunately I didn't due to a crash, and there was no promoters option at this event so I helped score in the 100 lap main. I tell you, it was tough with the track so short, but 100 laps went by really quick and Martin Simone won by about 3 laps, followed by our boss. I tried to tell Martin to slow down, he didn't listen, now he's over on the used car lot for the rest of the day.
The really cool thing is that after lunch I sold two 2007 Ford Escape Hybreds based on our little race. One was to a avid camper that wanted some juice at his campsite, the other was a mom who wanted to be able to run a small TV and video game to calm her kids. I asked the boss if we could race at the dealership on our days off and he said no, but we could "occasionally" race at our lunches.
...I now have orders for 6 brand new rolling XT outlaw sprinters from other salesmen at $30 each (no polymers), and six new racers for my series when it begins in April. I'm not sure if El Pequeño Toro Speedway will survive though, my wife wants the shelf to her sewing center back.
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