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This past weekend, the ISC's "Ultimate Speed Challenge" took place at the Dragstrip at CALIFORNIA SPEEDWAY in Fontana CA.

While this was a Straight Line event (Not Oval) there were a few of CA's OVAL guys in participation.

Nic Case
Frank Valentino
Brett Patti
Richard Tompkins

Both Brett and Richard used OVAL CARS (Normally run on the VELODROME), Patti was able to get really close to the 100 mph mark with his 2 cell 3.5 B/L car, and in his next run BLEW a tire and smashed the wall at an estimated 100+ mph crash - (Not MUCH LEFT of that car)

Richard was only able to get his 2s car in the 93 mph range, it just wouldn't come up to speed, but his 3s Oval Pan Car ran over 120 MPH.

Nic's STEAMLINER (which holds the current ISC WORLD RECORD) ran just over 154 mph, falling short of beating his record 161 mph run.

This event is limited to just 60 entries (Max 3 per driver) yet drew drivers from as far away as Florida and Lousiana.

I believe in total about 11 guys TOPPED the Century mark - running in excess of 100 MPH!

More info on this event will be coming on their official web site - http://rc-isc.com/index.html

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Here's a message from Nic Case

Nic Case said:

The 2009 Ultimate Speed Run was awesome!

Here is where the photos & more info will be at this link

11 New records in 12 classes -- But my previous record of 161.76 mph still stands.

40 entries from all over the country!

We had 9 go over 100 mph

Nic Case 154.43 mph
Tim Smith 126.50 mph
Richard Tompkins 121.43 mph
Paul Caruso 119.20 mph
Brian Sigsworth 112.14 mph
Brian Pohlman 103.23 mph
Tim Smith 101.61 mph
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph
Marc Davidson 101.24 mph

Congrats to all the Class Winners
---- More to come..............
Records were made to be broken
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