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We watched this last night and were pleasantly surprised, it's the best "heist" film I can remember in a long time. It's by far the best movie Denzel Washington or Jodie Foster have been in in a long time, Clive Owen is excellent as well, especially since he's wearing a mask & sunglasses thru 90% of the picture. And I was amazed it a Spike Lee picture.

I've never been a Lee fan, I thought Do The Right Thing was hugely over-rated and have detested most of his picture since She's got to Have It. But I liked his HBO doc about Katrina, and he does a great job here, the pacing (which I think makes or breaks "caper' movies) is just right and the photography is gorgeous. The script is pretty clever, and the twist never feel like the film is cheating.

The transfer on the DVD is first-rate as well.

If your looking for something good on DVD, you could do a lot worse.
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